Feeding Your Boxer

There are so many choices when it comes to dog food today.  Once you learn how to read the label, it’s a breeze to pick your dogs food.  It’s very important that they get a good nutritional diet everyday and it varies with different dog breeds.  The food you feed your Boxer will begin to change as they grow.  Always make sure that the first ingredient on the label is a source of actual meat and not a meat by-product. Boxers are strong dogs and you will probably need a a good heavy duty dog crate

Dog obesity is a problem for many dogs and a lot of that may be caused by free feeding your pets.  You are responsible for their food intake and overall health so measuring their food and having a steady schedule for feeding time is key.  The dog food always has the proper measurements for your dogs weight and age on the back.  I suggest you read that and follow it to keep your boxer from gaining weight.  As far as treats go, of course your dog loves them and there is nothing wrong with giving them to him or her but don’t over do it.

It may take a few tries to get your dog a food that really agrees with them.  It’s never a good idea to switch from one food to another with out easing into it though so be mindful of that.  Their digestive system gets used to one food and to switch out so abruptly can cause some stomach upset for them.  Just be sure to pay attention to how much you are feeding them, what you are feeding them and that they are getting the right amount of exercise and you should have one happy healthy boxer!


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